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Customer Service: Do Your Homework!

So, you finally have your website up and running.  The web designer did an amazing job, but you’ve located one major glitch. When visitors click the about us page, it shows a 404 error code.

You’ve tried to contact your web designer, but it’s been two days and you’ve gotten no response. Now you’re frustrated because your site isn’t working as promised and you have no idea when it will.

Believe it or not, lots of site owners have had issues similar to this – no response or a severe lack in response time. When you have a website for your business, it is your link to the online population.

It is important for your site to be available and in working order when your visitors arrive, which is why choosing a web designer that offers superior customer service is imperative.

For this reason, you should discuss customer service with your web designer prior to making a hiring decision. What is your web designer’s customer service policy?

When discussing customer service, you should determine how many hours your web designer will be available to you each month for questions or website updates and whether that availability comes at a cost.

You should also discuss turnaround time and inquire as to whether or not your web designer will offer a training tutorial to help you learn to use and manage your new website. For those new to website management, training is invaluable. Of course, even those who have other websites may not be familiar with the platform used for their new site, so tutorials are always a welcome addition.

After you’ve discussed all of these factors, do your research. Your website designer can promise you the sun, moon and stars, but if they have done the same to others and failed to come through, chances are that you’ll be able to find out with a few quick web searches.

You can also ask for references from previous clients whom you can call to inquire about customer service responsiveness – and do call.

The web designer you’ve chosen may have evaded most online negativity, but when you get someone on the phone, you often get the whole story and then some!

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