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Online Marketing & SEO Services

Oklahoma Web Media can help businesses and organizations reach online goals they have envisioned when creating their website and starting an online presence.

The internet is loaded with competition these days but with proper and professional help only the strongest can survive.

Your business or organization needs to do all it can to reach your target audience, and that includes search engine optimization and link building solutions to your website to ensure your website remains at the top of all search engine lists.

Google and Bing Maps: Google Maps and Bing Maps are a great way for individuals to go find local businesses whether it be at home or by use of a smart phone.

At Oklahoma Web Media, we can help your business can be found above your competition in Google and Bing Local search results.

SEO and Link Building: Numerous studies have been done that demonstrate that individuals normally do not search past page one on any search engine. If your business website is not at the top of the list, it is liable to get lost in the sea of cyberspace.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO for short) seeks to ensure your business website gets placed toward the top of all organic search results so it generates increased visibility and traffic boosting a return on investment. At Oklahoma Web Media, we employ a number of on-page and off-page SEO tactics to increase optimization.

Pay-Per-Click Services: Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is to a great way to increase exposure online for your business or organization, no matter where your website currently ranks in the normal search engine listings.

We have over eight years experience managing profitable pay-per-click campaigns. We welcome the opportunity to help your business get more sales or leads with a PPC campaign.

Email Marketing: Email marketing is an effective, simple and affordable way to ensure your customers and clients keep returning to your business.

At Oklahoma Web Media, we have extensive experience helping businesses grow email customer lists and marketing to them regularly to grow relationships and increase sales.

Online Public Relations: When you contact Oklahoma Web Media today and use our online public relations service, you will work directly with our team of public relations experts to develop a multi-tiered program that will include optimized online press releases that promotes your business on your website as well as industry portals and news engines.

Our online public relations service can be used in conjunction with other services, including search engine optimization and link building, to further increase awareness.

Mobile Marketing: Mobile Marketing by Short Messaging Service (SMS), better known as text messaging, has recently emerged as a cutting edge and efficient way to reach current customers and clients.

Oklahoma Web Media offers SMS text messaging services uniquely designed to fit the marketing campaigns of any business large or small.

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