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Social Media & Reputation Services

The proliferation of social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and others has made it easier than ever to communicate with your customers.

On the other hand, social media has also made the voice of the customer more powerful than at anytime in human history.

Today the average consumer has 130 Facebook friends and 300 followers on Twitter. This means one negative interaction can be crippling to a small business.

At Oklahoma Web Media, we work closely with our clients to create effective social media and reputation campaigns to engage customers and build stronger relationships.

We also work to help you find ways to get your customers to spread the word about your business to their social contacts to drive more buyers into your business.

Reputation Management: It takes lots of work and time for a business or organization to create a positive reputation online, but it can take just a split second for that reputation to be ruined by anyone with access to the web.

We can help insulate or defend your company from potential reputation attacks with a reputation campaign.

Facebook Services: It’s a fact. People spend more time on Facebook than any other website period. At any given time, nearly all of your potential customers are on Facebook.

At Oklahoma Web Media, we can help your business or organization capitalize on this amazing web traffic by setting  up Facebook or by starting a Facebook advertising campaign.

YouTube Services: Creating YouTube videos is a great way to build rapport with your customers and showcase your products or services.

We can help your business or organization establish a YouTube channel and promote your videos online to drive targeted visitors into your website.

Twitter Services: One of the most prominently featured social media websites online is Twitter. It can provide enhanced visibility and brand awareness for your business or organization.

We can help establish and manage your business or organization Twitter account and write, edit and schedule your business tweets.

LinkIn Services: LinkedIn is the largest online professional network in the world. It allows businesses and organization to establish contacts that can exchange opportunities, knowledge and ideas with other professionals.

We can assist you in creating, managing and growing your customer base in LinkedIn to show you are a professional in that industry.

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